About The Paper Shoppe

The Paper Shoppe is a must-stop for all brides-to-be and anyone planning a happy occasion.  I offer personalized favor packaging, custom stickers, muslin bags, and notebooks.  The Paper Shoppe is a one-woman show; I work one-on-one with my customers and personally design and craft each listing and custom order. 

At The Paper Shoppe, many of my products add a personal touch to big events.  The paper favor bags can be customized with wedding dates, brides’ and grooms’ names, or other details.  Later, you can fill them with your desired treats and add them to display tables or attendants’ seats.  Similarly, the keepsake notebooks are the perfect starting point for documenting precious memories and dreams.  The gift of a pregnancy journal to a mama-to-be or a completed “reasons why I love you” journal to a spouse will create timeless keepsakes that will surely be treasured for years to come.

About Me

I’m Chantel!  Graphic design has always been a part of who I am before I even knew what graphic design was. As a child, I loved paper dolls and crafted elaborate displays for school projects.  After receiving an Advance Diploma in Graphic Design, I entered the corporate workforce, designing retail packaging and marketing material.  Though I’d always pictured myself in big business, complete with the pencil skirts and sleek bun, I found it didn’t fit my introverted nature.  As I worked, I also began and grew my Etsy store, The Paper Shoppe.  After a lot of hard work and careful planning, it grew successful enough that I could leave my job and become self-employed, devoting my time instead to The Paper Shoppe.

Though designing and running my business is how I spend most of my time, you’ll also find me exploring my hometown in Ontario with my husband, Kevin, and our dog, Louie.  We also love to travel, and I’ve found I can find design inspiration in unlikely places – subway stations, signage, architecture, and even restaurant menus.  I especially love visiting stationery shops in other cities.  When I’m not doing one those things or working, you might find me curled in a corner with my favourite book, coffee and donuts